Cypress Employment has a client in Mobile in need of Manufacturing Engineer with Aerospace experience.
This is a contract position.
$60k – $80K BOE
Mission: Provide manufacturing engineering support and maintain routes, production, and manufacturing documentation, ensuring the processes improvement and standardization


Task to be performed:

·         Resolve technical problems in collaboration with preparation and engineering teams.

·         Analyze and provide technical documentation, drawings, charts and technical instructions to the production teams.

·         Ensure Preparation of work orders, including parts, documentation, work order, drawings, etc…

·         Attend to the aircraft in order to ensure the right solution of the production problems or when the work order is performed;

·         Perform suggestions for improvement for the flow and preparation process.

·         Generate, treat and prepare A/Ns and HNCs.

·         Perform ARs (assistance requests)

·         Preparation and update of Manufacturing and Assembly Instructions

·         Maintenance of routes and assembly and manufacturing documentation.

·         Line balancing; launch and publication of production plans.

·         Perform the creation of the work orders.

·         Provide technical and documental support to the production teams.

·         Monitoring and analysis of processes and tasks; methods and times of Manufacturing Process.

·         Project management.

Required skills
 Training – experience:


·         Technical degree or bachelor with more than 1 year of aeronautical experience or

·         High grade in technical branch with more than 2 years of aeronautical experience

  Related knowledge:

 o    Knowledge of the aeronautical environment.

o    General knowledge of aeronautical technology.

o    Fluent technical English.

o    Proficiency in computer software (Word, Excel, SAP);

o    Proficiency in specific computer software (SAP, Catia, GSuite, Normmaster, Epiqa, PASS SSI, eQLB…)

o    Knowledge of internal and customer procedures.

o    Proficiency in technical documentation.

o    Basic knowledge of project management

o    Knowledge and proficiency of the systems and work packages flow


 ·         Know about manufacturing engineering and production systems and processes.

·         Know how to manage in an autonomous way tasks and basic projects related to manufacturing engineering.

·         Propose work improvement.

·         Know how to read and analyze every type of aeronautical documentation.

·         Know how to analyze and manage non-conformities.

·         Know how to write report, documentation and emails clearly.

·         Know how to relate with the different departments.

·         Know how to answer to the different stakeholders technical requests.