Cypress Employment has a client in Mobile, AL looking for Fiberglass Laminators.

General Description:

 A Laminator operates machines and utilizes hand rollers that apply liquid resin, and catalyst to mold surfaces, roving, and chopped fiberglass used in manufacturing fiberglass pipe by performing the following duties:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Mounts rolls of fiberglass machine spindles.
Threads fiberglass through machine rollers and secures film to take-up spindles.
Operates and maintains the chopper and gel-coat gun and other lamination equipment.
Adjusts controls to regulate speed, temperature, and pressure of laminating equipment.
Uses rollers to physically remove air and resin from the fiberglass and roving.
Layers roving onto the mold for application of resin and chop.
Observes lamination process, monitors curing time and surface temperature, and adjusts process to ensure compliance with standards.
Cuts excess fiberglass from part edge.
Examines laminated parts for defects.
Other duties as assigned by manager.
Basic Qualifications:

High School Diploma or GED
Must be able to life, push and or pull up to 50 pounds
Must be able to work overtime when required
Work well with others
Ability to follow instructions