Cypress Employment has a client in Mobile looking for a Facilities Coordinator. 
In General:

The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for managing the maintenance, both preventative and unplanned for the facility as well as company jigs and tooling.

Essential Duties:

The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for all process involved in managing and maintaining the building systems and the operability of all jigs and tools.

Maintaining a User Operation Manual for all the building systems. 
Responding to Urgent Maintenance calls.
Maintaining a maintenance job list for all facilities maintenance work completed/in progress. 
Managing/Coordinating scheduling of all maintenance for building systems and vehicles.       
 Keeping all maintenance records for building systems and vehicles.         
Coordinating the rental and return of any equipment required.
 Supervising any onsite maintenance workers.
 Ensuring maintenance workers conform to  Health and safety and Environmental guidelines.
 Performing & maintaining records of building system inspections
Supervising cleaning work for the building.
Agreeing and managing contracts for maintenance and building supplies.
Coordinating waste pickups and documentation of the completion of these activities.
 Recordkeeping of all environmental submissions made.
Coordinating the maintenance of company tooling and equipment.
Maintaining a maintenance job list for all work completed/in progress on company jigs and tooling
Performing maintenance/repairs on general building fixtures as needed.
 Coordinating emergency response training of staff.
Supporting 5S activities. 
Secondary Duties:

The Facilities Coordinator may be assigned various secondary duties, including but not limited to the following:
Participating with colleagues from other business units to perform additional tasks necessary for the continued operation of the facility.
Engaging with the local community via the airport or other local agencies to ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances.