Workforce Solutions – Right on time. Right on budget.

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Skilled and Engaged Workforce

Need a qualified, performance ready workforce? We put you in direct contact with tried and true candidates who are ready and eager to join your team.

Reduce Distractions & Overhead Costs

We remove many of the distractions from the staffing equation, leaving project leaders and supervisors to focus on projects and profitability. An HR Department’s best friend!

Our Workforce Success Formula

Flexible staffing is a common efficiency solution offered by all staffing companies. What sets Cypress Employment Services apart is our knowledge and experience in recruiting and retaining highly skilled craftspeople, and by assisting employers with right-sized project staffing while pursuing new business opportunities.

Test Drive the Right2Work Success Formula

Test drive new hires with trial periods tailored for projects and business cycles, while you retain core employees and avoid the payroll complexities.

Legendary Focused Workforce Flexibility

Right2Work integrates workforce flexibility with industry focused knowledge and experience, setting us apart from all other staffing agencies.

The Employers Staffing Agency

With the natural evolution of ever increasing demands for project efficiency, effectiveness and profitability, a flexible and skilled, project centered and engaged work-force is key to corporate success. With a screened, dependable and flexible workforce, employers, project managers, and staff supervisors achieve project objectives, and exceed corporate profitability goals.